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NY Standup for Wednesday, May 4: Star Wars Day

Dangerous / Interesting

  • Schubert warns us that Rail’s extensions that add to_time method may cast types in unexpected ways:
    Date#to_time => Time
    Time#to_time => Time
    but DateTime#to_time => DateTime

  • Use === when checking equality with DateTime and you don’t care about precision (This does not work with Time however)

  • Your humble author cautions that the new Laullon GitX is not ready for prime time. When adding multiple files with a single click, a garbage commit with a long funny name is created without adding the files.
    Instead, consider Brother Bard’s excellent fork of GitX

  • Ian “Waffles” Zabel mentioned that jQuery 1.6 has been released. Notable changes include case-mapping of HTML5 data- attributes, performance improvements, and more.

  • Lee Edwards reminds us “It’s Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you.” <⁄rimshot>

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