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NYC Standup – February 27th, 2012


Monit + ‘check program’ + Zombies

from Dave Goddard

Monit recently introduced a new type of service to check ; “check program” which will run a script each cycle (or specified number) and will end up being good or bad depending on the exit code. After we started using this, we noticed that the script was often marked as a zombie on the machine ; at first we blamed the script, but eventually discovered that this is expected behaviour by monit, and that monit is planning to fix it RSN (real soon now)

Polymorphic Associations and Active Record Subclasses

from Adam Milligan

If you have a polymorphic association, Rails will use the base class of the parent of the association (as defined by ActiveRecord) as the class name of the associated parent.

For instance:

class Foo < AR::Base
  belongs_to :wibble, polymorphic: true

class Bar < AR::Base
  has_many :foo, as: :wibble

class Baz < SomeSubclassOfActiveRecordBase
  has_many :foo, as: :wibble

The class of the wibble association when instantiated for Bar will be Bar.

The class of the wibble association when instantiated for Baz will be SomeSubclassOfActiveRecordBase, not Baz, unless SSOARB.abstract_class returns true.

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