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NYC Standup Roundup for Dec 14th – Dec 24th

Happy Holidays from NYC!


  • Someone noticed that rspec’s should_not (rdocs here)
    returns false when the spec passes, whereas should returns true
    when it passes. This has unexpected results when a should_not is
    used within a Webrat wait_for loop (code here)
    — wait_for loops until its body returns true. Fail!
  • John Resig has implemented a jQuery.require method that should be
    in the next release. Check out the commit and the lengthy
    discussion here.
    Everyone’s a critic.
  • One Pivotal project that recently switched from MySQL to Postgres
    noticed that PG sorts NULL values differently than MySQL. The
    default in PG is NULLS FIRST when ordering DESC, and NULLS LAST
    otherwise. You can override this behavior by using a NULLS FIRST or
    NULLS LAST clause
    in your ORDER BY.
  • Someone was reminded the hard way that Ruby’s rescue, by default,
    only catches exceptions inherited from StandardError.


  • Does anyone know of a service or library that will convert an email
    into a tracker story? The use case is stake holders who send
    UI/UX requirements within emails with attachments, etc.
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