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NYC Standup Round-up for Dec 28th – Jan 8th

Points of Interest

  • Following a recipe from Dan Chak‘s Enterprise
    , we came across code following this

    class Thing
      def foo
        def bar(args)
          # some code
        # some code that calls bar()

    The structure of this code suggests that bar is scoped only within
    the context of foo. But alas, that is not the case. Ruby simply
    defines Thing#bar the first time foo is called, analogous to
    define_method :bar. Misleading syntax, for sure.

  • Ryan Davis‘s Flay is awesome. If you’re not
    familiar with it, Flay parses your Ruby and compares subtrees with
    each other to find where code has been duplicated (or nearly so).
    Run on a codebase of over 20,000 lines of Ruby, Flay was able to
    quickly indicate places where we had duplicate code lying around, as
    well as many likely targets for refactoring work. We’ve found it to
    be helpful in keeping code DRY.

  • This looks interesting: MagicPrefs gives you gestures
    for your Magic Mouse (Yes, Pivotal NYC has Magic Mice, as well as
    27″ iMacs. Apply today!).

  • In Snow Leopard, mapping CapsLock => Ctrl when two keyboards are
    plugged in is problematic. You can do it by plugging in one keyboard
    at a time and mapping each one individually. If anyone knows the
    story behind why this is, or how to deal more easily, please comment!

  • Another interesting link: Open Frameworks is a
    “creative coding” toolkit (like Processing) that’s
    implemented in C++. Why ask why?

  • Another lesson learned the hard way: starting up a bunch of leopard
    machines at the same time wreaks havoc on the network for a few
    minutes. Packet storm, dropped packets, etc. Is Bonjour to blame?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • If you’re trying to stub a subclass of ActionMailer::Base with
    Double Ruby (also known as RR), and you’re having issues, try
    stubbing the method on ActionMailer::Base directly. There’s some
    weirdness there with method_missing in Rails 2.3.

Help Wanted

  • Does anyone know how to make command-1 through command-9 switch
    tabs inside of By default, these keys are bound to
    switching windows, and we’d love to be able to do this on tabs

  • Rails’s select_tag(..., :multiple => true) option doesn’t properly
    set selected on the generated options. This appears to be a boog,
    and anyone who’s interested in helping a Pivot write a patch, please
    comment below!

  • Cody Caughlan

    > Does anyone know how to make command-1 through command-9 switch tabs inside of

    Its still a little buggy in Snow Leopard (doesnt work 100% of the time, sometimes yes, sometimes no), but stable in Leopard:


  • Stephen

    Another Magic Mouse gesture app is [jitouch](, which not only adds gesture for the magic mouse, but also the touchpad. I’ve been using it for the past few days for the touchpad features, and it makes a lot of tasks easier. Plus, the gestures are really cool.

  • Nat

    Enterprise Rails is an amazing book, I can’t recommend it enough.

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