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NYC Standup Roundup – Week of 11/30


RubyMine and gem bundler don’t seem to get along – RubyMine complains that bundled gems aren’t attached but these gems aren’t available when we try to attach them. Any ideas?

  1. RubyMine uses your gem path so you’ll be able to attach to the gem if you add your gem bundler path to your ~/.gemrc file

  2. There’s an option to disable this nagging alert in the preferences.

Is there a good Rails plugin skeleton/template out there?

Know of one? Let us know in the comments.


  • Don’t use sleep 1 or such in before blocks in rspec if you need to ensure a delay between two events. A before block is ran between all nested contexts so you’re probably incurring a larger penalty. Instead, you should stub

  • One team implemented git commit hooks to facilitate communication – on rebase or merge new messages from a text file in the project root are displayed to alert other pairs to changes such as gem upgrades, noteworthy database changes, etc.

  • Cool stuff on the post-commit hooks.

    I believe gem bundler overwrites a couple of environment variables, so maybe Rubymine does something similar?

    I have a rails project template, originally a fork of suspenders (thoughtbot project), which includes rails 2.3.4, rspec, cucumber, factory_girl, formtastic, haml, authlogic, basic controllers/views needed to get rolling with authlogic, and a few other things. You can find the code “here”:

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