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Omni-Channel Retailing: Strategies to Drive Traffic and Sales

“Omni-channel represents a fundamental shift in the way retailers go to market. The ability to bring the entire network’s inventory into every potential selling opportunity results in a notably higher sales conversion rate, both online and in the store.”
Brian Kinsella, Vice President of Order Management – Manhattan Associates

There is no longer a one-size-fits-all path to purchase. Instead, online, mobile, and social mediums have converged. There are now countless opportunities for retailers to communicate with consumers through omni-channel retailing. Pivotal Labs has written a must-read eBook for retailers to learn:

  • How omni-channel retailing has become the future of retail
  • The significance of responsively designed websites and mobile apps to omni-channel retailing
  • Why leveraging big data and analytics is imperative to an effective retail strategy

Omni-Channel Retailing

Some snippets from our exclusive Omni-Channel Retailing eBook:

Changing Consumer Behavior and Technology

The driver behind the rise of omni-channel retailing is changing consumer behavior. Next-generation shoppers are top of mind for retailers, and they have unique shopping habits. Besides multi-channel shopping, this generation is more inclined to trust their peers over a company’s brand, and social media gives these consumers instant information and feedback. That means pre-shopping can happen in extremely social contexts – on Facebook, around the water cooler, or through online review sites. Consumers are already sourcing information in multiple ways – retailers need to ensure they are present where consumers are looking.

Retailers Highlighted

With quotes and case studies, we illustrate how Burberry, Macys, Nars, Neiman Marcus, and ModCloth have used omni-channel retailing to further their success.


Download the free eBook “Omni-Channel Retailing: Strategies to Drive Traffic and Sales” and gain a total perspective of how to maximize omni-channel retailing tactics to create the optimal consumer experience. Click here to download it.

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