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On Tweed's connection woes…

We know many users have been very frustrated by Tweed lately. Tweed has had problems connecting reliably to Twitter. While other clients, be it mobile or desktop, have also had problems connecting to Twitter, Tweed does seem to be more frequently affected.

The conundrum is that it is intermittent and seemingly arbitrary. Some users are just fine, others seem to never have a working Tweed. For ourselves, we occasionally have problems with Tweed as well, but not nearly as often as some users, which has made diagnosis and resolution hard.

These problems seem to have started after the recent DDoS attacks on Twitter. Before that, Tweed seemed to connect fine and we haven’t changed our integration. Perhaps something changed in Twitter’s API implementation that is at odds with Tweed — we don’t know.

At the very least, please know we are actively working on it. While we are also working on making Tweed functionally better (true photo upload, more photo viewing options, full size profile pic viewing, …), we are devoted to make Tweed as reliable and as fast as we can.

As always, you can reach us vai @tweed on Twitter,or via email at

  • Dwayne Wilson

    Just wanted to say thank you for a great app and for making it better and better with each iteration.

    Looking forward to the profile picture update as well.

    Dwayne Wilson

  • I have been frequently having problems. I, as well as other users, might be able help diagnose the problem if they show a ping or traceroute to twitter’s api.

    Personally, I have not been on WiFi at all and I have frequently had problems.

  • Chad

    Thanks glad to know you are aware of the issue and working on it. That is just one more reason why this will remain my twitter client for at least as long as I own my pre.

  • I concur, I really love Tweed. Its interface is awesome and when it works, its snappy. I’ve definitely have connecticity problrms. Most of today I’ve been unable to refresh. Then all the sudden. Bam! It works without delay. I’d love to have a sniffer on my Pre. Somebody needs to port TCPDump over :) I’d jump on that! Keep the pedal down, guys. You’ll get it licked, and if you need any help with whatever, let me know.

  • Thanks for the status update. Much appreciated.

  • Doing a great job with Tweed. Love it. Love the work put into it. Can’t wait for it to be updated again with some other interesting features.

    Don’t be discouraged and thanks for the quality product you’ve all created.

  • I just checked and Tweed works fine on WiFi but not at all when using the Sprint data connection

  • George Young

    Tweed has trouble connecting if there is a change in Internet access. It connects fine is the same location, move to another cell site and it won’t connect right away.

    Change from Internet access via cell to WiFi and it won’t connect unless Twitter is accessed from the browser first. Change back from WiFi to Sprint access it won’t connect unless Twitter is accessed from the browser first.

    To be clear, this is more of a puzzle (fun) then a problem.

  • emeraldayotte

    Thanks for all your hard work and I look forward to my trusty and stable Tweed app. In my opinion, this app CLEARLY is head and shoulders above all the other available twitter apps for the Pre.

    So thanks again for all your hard work!!

  • Jaydiz

    I tried the “load in the browser first” thing and it worked!. Ofcourse it coul have been coincidence.

  • AG

    Thanks very much for the update. Yes, I will be happy when things are back to normal, but reading this post really does help — I know it’s not just my Pre expericing the problem, at least! Good luck and thanks again.

  • Alan

    If not a Pre problem, this is giving the Pre a bad wrap, especially considering its numerous other app problems.

  • Musicchick2

    Just another Pre user whose Tweed won’t connect either. I have the regular Twitter app uploaded to my Pre & am using it at least 50% of the time. Love Tweed’s ease of use – I still don’t know how to Re-Tweet on Twitter, but Tweed’s drop down menu makes it simple. Now if Tweed would just work, I’d be set! :-/

  • George Young

    10 am edt
    Been experimenting with Tweed connecting by switching between Sprint and wifi, and back again.

    Turning off Sprint (airplane mode on) and turning on wifi, Tweed will connect to Twitter in about 7 seconds after wifi connects.

    Going the other way, turning wifi off and Sprint cellular on it takes 4-5 minutes for Tweed to connect. Bringing up the browser and connecting to Google seems to shorten the time it takes Tweed to connect. Also repeatedly selecting different helps.

    This experiment was repeated 5 times this morning with the same results. These results are a little different then the experience the other day, where Tweed had problems connecting whenever the Internet connect was changed

    Take care

  • Thanks guys. Keep up the great work. Your app makes my palm pre fantastic and fun to use! :)

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