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"open_gem" Gem Plugin

From the Too Useful Not to Blog Department:

open_gem from Adam Sanderson is a new RubyGems Plugin to automatically open a gem’s source in your favorite $EDITOR.

gem update --system
sudo gem install open_gem
export EDITOR=mate
gem open rails

NOTE: If you have RubyGems 1.1 or 1.2, ‘gem update –system’ may not work. See the RubyGems Release Notes for more info.

  • After I saw the _gem graph_ plugin, I wondered what else gem plugins might be used for. I didn’t think of anything at the time. Now that I read about this plugin it sounds so blindingly obvious I’m a little ashamed I hadn’t thought of it. Thanks for posting about this, Chad! I’m sure I’ll find this command useful.

  • TJ Holowaychuk

    Yay! lol, I always got frustrated copying / pasting the path given by gem which

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