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Packaging Cucumber step definitions for reuse

So I’ve been doing a bunch of BDD development these days using Cucumber as a starting point.

While working with client, the question came up about how they could share step definitions across multiple teams of developers.

I then remembered that the Aruba gem is just that, a collection of Cucumber step definitions.

So if you are looking for a way to start packaging up those step definitions that you have used on multiple projects and are tired of copying across projects, check out how the Aruba gem does it and go from there.

Thanks to the Cucumber and Aruba folks for sharing some very useful technology that allows us all to raise the bar when it comes to delivering quality software.

  • hey Mike,

    I’ve been thinking about this topic as well recently, and have been using Aruba to scope out the commandline features of my Writeme project.

    As I am doing this I realize how nice it would be to see how others have written steps and features, and that creating a simple server that exposes a REST API to handle the data could be useful to us all.

    If you’re interested in this, I’m thinking of starting in on it soon, and can ping you when there’s something to show.


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