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Pivotal Labs & Movember

It’s that time again. Pivots grow mustaches. We laugh, we itch, we cry, we talk about testosterone and whisker styling. Why do we do it? For Cancer research.

Last year we joined up with Movember and used this time of facial hair to raise money for prostate cancer research. It makes that shave on the night of Movember 30th feel even better.

This year we’re at it again. We’ve has seen some growth at Pivotal. We now have five offices, four timezones and two continents. That means growing both our facial hair and our fundraising goal: we’ve set a challenge to raise $10,000.

Which means we challenge you as well.

Have you found the tips & questions on this blog useful? Please donate!

Have an upper lip? Register at, shave clean on Movember 1st and spend your month with exchanges like this one:

Some Guy: “Hey. What’s with the ‘stache?”
You: “Raising cash for Cancer, dude. Donate!”

Have a group of people in your office that like a noble challenge? Start a team!

Have the will to help the fight against cancer, but have a follically-challenged upper lip? Then spread the word and raise money for Pivotal, your team, or your friends. Movember will supply you with mustache stickers, but I don’t recommend you wear them every day.

If you’re going to participate, we’d love to have you join the Pivotal Labs Movember Network to help us hit our goal of $10,000.

And of course, stay tuned to Pivotal Blabs for Movember updates all month long…

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