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Pivotal Tech Talks now available on iTunes

For the last year or so, we’ve been inviting speakers to come visit us and talk about interesting things in the Ruby/Rails space, the agile space, and on topics related to software development in general. We see it as a great way to keep our developers on the cutting edge, and a number of speakers have used it as an opportunity to gather early feedback from our team. We’ve found the talks we’ve had to be very valuable to us, and are pleased to share them with the larger community.

To that end, we’ve posted a selection of our talks to our talks page, and also made them available via the Podcast section of the iTunes Store in both audio and video format.

We’ve also had a number of panel discussions in our Project Startup and are posting those talks as well.

We’ll keep posting talks as we have them. If there are topics you’d like to see, or topics you’d like to present, please email us!

  1. That’s awesome, Ian. Thanks for sharing these with the community!

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