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Pivotal Tracker Fluid Icon

Here’s a hot Fluid icon for Pivotal Tracker. Thanks, Ted!


Check out a couple of other icons in this Flickr upload.

  • Any info on getting Fluid and Tracker working well together? Everytime I try to login to Tracker from a Fluid app, it winds up opening it in Safari instead.

  • Joe Moore

    Try this: Preference — Advanced, and change the list of allowed urls to be **

  • Thanks Joe, for your hint. I needed to add ** to the allowed urls to make it work for me

  • ragaskar

    Thanks, Joe, for having good keywords in this post — been looking for the tracker icon for a bit and a quick goog search for “pivotal fluid tracker icon” brought this up. Now my dock looks pretty again.

    FWIW, tracker worked immediately with Fluid for me.

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