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Pivots at RubyConf

The Confreaks site has released a slew of videos from the 2007 RubyConf. The videos are in the perfect format: side by side streams with the projection material on one side and the stream of the speaker on the other.

Many great sessions are covered, including a good one on the Treetop parser presented by Pivotal Labs’ own Nathan Sobo. As a bonus, in the audience you can spot other Pivots you may be familiar from this weblog (Nick Kallen and Brian Takita).

  • I watched the treetop video a few days ago. It’s nice to finally get the whole picture on all the little bits that I overheard during summer. I thought it was going to be a tool for refactoring ruby and had no idea it was as general purpose as it is.

    The rest of the videos are great too, at least the couple I’ve seen so far. I wanted to go, but wasn’t able to. They almost make up for it!

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