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Pivots Talking Tuesday: Paired Ruby

Being a Pivot means pair programming 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. If you’ve never paired before that might sound crazy, but ask any Pivot and they will tell you how incredibly awesome it is! If you can’t find a Pivot nearby to buy a beer and pick their brain on how full-time pairing works, check out this video of John Foley talking at RubyKaigi 2013 about his experiences pairing at Pivotal Labs.

Paired ruby – RubyKaigi 2013 from rubykaigi on Vimeo.

Pair programming shares a similar philosophy with Ruby- the focus is on people solving problems for other people, not the machine. I want to share my experiences with pair programming and how it helped me become a better engineer, enjoy coding more, and maybe even grow as a person.

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