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Preview: mHealth Summit 2013

When it comes to health conferences, mHealth Summit isn’t your ordinary event; in fact, in 2010, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates was a featured speaker. What will be in store this year? My colleague, Stephanie Malatesta, and I are excited to find out on December 8th – 11th in Washington, DC.

In an era where technology is redefining pharma and life sciences’ roles in delivery and preventative processes, the mHealth Summit provides the audience with an opportunity to discuss a wide range of hot mobile topics. Attracting some of the industry’s most forward-thinking individuals, entrepreneurs and thought leaders, the audience can expect to absorb the latest knowledge with respect to data trends, redesigned systems, consumer/patient/provider communications and more. This year’s featured speakers include Paul Jacobs (Chairman and CEO, Qualcomm), Astrid Krag (Danish Minister of Health), Muhammad Yunus (Founder, Grameen Movement), and Dr. Margaret Hamburg (Commissioner, FDA).

I’m particularly looking forward to the session Christopher Hill (SVP, AT&T Advanced Business Solutions) is hosting – “Healthcare Transformation through Mobility.” It explores smart networks and how mobile technologies can contribute to collaboration, coordinated care, and connecting information silos. It will also highlight the importance of open platforms and vendor-agnostic cloud and mobile solutions.

For those interested in shaping the future of health, you don’t want to miss the mHealth Summit. Connect with us if you’re attending too, and we hope to see you there!

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