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Problems with Photo tweets and more in version 1.8

As you know, photo and video tweets are broken in version 1.8. The reason has to do with Twitter’s new authentication mechanism, but the core problem was a mistake on our part.

Tweed (like most Twitter applications) used to store both your username and password.

Twitter is requiring all third party apps use their new authentication mechanism (for more on that, see Twitter’s developer docs ). With this new mechanism, Tweed no longer stores your password, which is better from a security standpoint.

This caused media integration to break, as third party services like TwitPic or yFrog, typically also use your Twitter username and password. As Tweed no longer has your password, it is failing to upload your media.

Twitter was requiring that all apps be ready by the end of June (the cutoff date has now been extended). Unfortunately, our developers bandwidth was limited and, in our rush to update Tweed, we did not account for the changes to the media integration.

Many of these services offer a compatible authentication mechanism. We are in the process of changing Tweed to use these methods. We should have done this before version 1.8 was released and we are sorry for the frustration this has caused users.

There are some other bugs that have been reported, such as broken Conversation view with protected users. We are working on these as well.

We also are sorry we have been so silent on Twitter and email lately. As you know, we are normally tried to be responsive and engaged with our users. Unfortunately our Tweed resources are not dedicated to Tweed and they’ve been juggling responsibilities at the moment.

We hope to have the fix submitted to Palm soon.

  • JP

    “Unfortunately are Tweed resources are not dedicated to Tweed and they’ve been juggling responsibilities at the moment.”


  • THANK YOU!!! I was thinking something was wrong with my Pre for awhile.

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @JP – typo, sorry — corrected

  • So does that mean we have to log in every time we open Tweed? I get the password message a lot when I switch to @replies or DMs or at just random times.

    But I never put my new password in. I did at first and it kept asking. Now I refresh when I get the message and I’m fine.

    That sucks it twitter makes the experience a pain in the ass.


  • Michele

    Is this what is causing a problem with my Lists? In particular one ” private” list. Behavior: I see one tranche of tweets, but when I Load More, I see the same tweets. Lather/rinse/repeat. Same result. Is the Tweed team looking into this. (I noticed in on/about early July).

    Thank you kindly. After paying for the full version, I was hoping that Lists would work. They did, for a while.


  • Trucker_Rick

    I am a sprint user of palm pre. I had the paid app, but wnen I started being asked for my password, I thought my account was hacked. So, I deleted it and have not been able to download the app since…HELP!!

  • Tarryn

    I was wondering where the 1.8 blog had gotten to. It ususally is around before the update hits, so i can see the updates and bug fixes.

  • Trucker_rick

    Now the app is missing from the app catalog…what is the deal? I have seen nothing on here or twitter about what is going to be done to fix tweed. Come on guys, we love the app…how about letting us use it

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