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Upgrading to Rails 3.0.5 inflections

We’re working on an upgrade form 3.0.4 and we got a database error when we tried to generate fixtures or seed the db:

PGError: ERROR:  relation "data" does not exist
LINE 4:              WHERE a.attrelid = '"metadata"'::regclass

We first ran into this with a has_one :metadata association but you’d have the same problem without any associations to the Metadata class. Investigation lead to this discovery:

rails-3.0.4 > Metadata.table_name
=> "metadatas"
rails-3.0.5 > Metadata.table_name
=> "metadata"

The rails team added some inflections to ActiveSupport::Inflector and fixed a scaffold generator.

This fixed double-pluralization of irregular plurals for ticket 6363.


rails-3.0.4 > ActiveSupport::Inflector.pluralize "metadata"
=> "metadatas"
rails-3.0.5 > ActiveSupport::Inflector.pluralize "metadata"
=> "metadata"

Here are example of the four changed nouns:

  • data: “datas” is now “data”
  • viri : “viris” is now “viri”
  • oxen: “oxens” is now “oxen”
  • mice: “mices” is now “mice”

Anyway, quick fix:

class Metadata < ActiveRecord::Base
  set_table_name "metadatas"

Of course, we could rename our metadata class and table…

Thanks to this guy for pointing this out!

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