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RailsConf 2010

I was introduced to the world of Ruby in general (and Ruby on Rails specifically) almost 2 years ago. Prior to that my professional programming experience consisted mostly of PHP, with a little bit of Java and ASP thrown in for good measure.

Then came that almost magical day when I was hired to a new job and instructed that I needed to learn Ruby on Rails.

“Ok, I can do that.”

I absolutely fell in love with the language and the framework, and that experience put me on the path that led here to Pivotal Labs. But I know that I still have a lot to learn, so am still picking up things that in some ways I feel stupid for not having picked up earlier.

One such thing is RailsConf. I had heard of it before, but not in any kind of context that I really appreciated it or understood what that was (I’m getting a better idea now after some research).

Now I really want to get involved and submit a proposal for a talk/presentation at RailsConf. I just have no idea what to do it on or where to start….

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