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Reindexing Solr from Cucumber

Here’s a quick snippet that we’re using to reindex Solr from our Cucumber features.

“And I reindex assets” helps to ensure that we didn’t leave any cruft around from previous
tests and that we’ve properly indexed our Pickle model.

    And I am logged in as an admin user
    And an asset with snowboarding tags: "snowboarding" exists with title: "Snowboarding", alt_text: "Snowboarding", summary: "A summary about snowboards"
    And I reindex assets

  Scenario:  An Editor searches for an asset by title
    When I go to the url: "/assets?q=Snowboarding"
    Then I should see "Snowboarding"

Here’s the actual step

  When /^I reindex (.+)$/ do |model_name|

  • Wait, why “capitalize” instead of “camelize”?

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