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Restart post-migration


Exceptional / Airbrake?

Exceptional purchased Airbrake

APIs are different, is there a clear winner?

No clear winner — errbit is an open source solution that uses the airbrake gem.


Turns out… heroku restart

The only logical explanation we have for the bug with update_attributes failing silently is that we migrated without restarting. We speculate that some dynos had cached the old schema and never got the update (before restarting).

Rspec ‘have_content’

If you use the CSS text-transform: uppercase property on some content that you wish to test with have_content, then:

  • it will actually match on the original case of your text
  • in case of failure, it will display the UPPERCASED expected text, so you’ll get interesting messages such as:

expected there to be content "NOV" in "NOV 8, 2012 — DEC 8, 2012"

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