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RubyGems Warningitis Outbreak

Have you upgraded RubyGems lately? Is your console suddenly filled with warnings like this?

NOTE: Gem::Specification#default_executable= is deprecated with no replacement. It will be removed on or after 2011-10-01.
Gem::Specification#default_executable= called from /Users/chaffee/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p0/specifications/thin-1.2.7.gemspec:10.

You may be showing signs of a new malady known as Warningitis! So far there is no cure, but doing the following will temporarily cure your symptoms:

gem update --system 1.7.2

Several experimental treatments are being hastily developed as well, but these have not yet been approved by the FDA. Check the “scary warnings are scary” bug thread for more details.

This has been a public health alert. Please do not panic. SARS masks and iodine pills are not recommended at this time.

  1. Sean Tan says:

    Regarding RubyGems Warningitis for my environment, it easily went away by re-installing my gems.

    With RVM and bundler, it’s as simple.

    Assuming bundler is in gemset global.

    rvm gemset use global
    gem install bundler

    rvm gemset use myproject
    rvm gemset empty
    bundle install


    Oh do remember to re-install other gems in your gemset global if any.

  2. Alex Chaffee says:

    Update: Last week both Rake and Rubygems were updated and the majority of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad setup issues have been resolved. To wit:

    * Rubygems 1.8.5 removes much of the deprecation warning spam
    * Rake 0.9.2 changed the error into a warning, but is otherwise compatible with Rails 3.0.7

    If you’re still developing Rails apps (rather than, say, developing PTSD), you should probably do this:


    gem “rake”, “>=0.9.2”


    require ‘rake’
    class Rails::Application
    include Rake::DSL

    Command line

    gem update –system
    gem update bundler
    bundle update rake

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