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Safari 4 "Zoom Text Only" fixes Google Reader and GMail

Problem: every since I upgraded to Safari 4 I’ve been annoyed that zooming in and out seems to confuse GMail and and Google Reader. When you zoom out, GMail refuses resize its panels, leaving a big blank space on the right side; when you zoom in, Google Reader loses its button panel at the bottom of the main area if you’re in a feed with a lot of entries.

Solution: go to the “View” menu and select “Zoom Text Only”.

New problem: the other setting is cooler for other sites, since it magnifies images and keeps non-fluid layouts from wrapping stupidly when you really need the text to be a little bit bigger. I wish there were a way to set it per site, but it’s a global setting. Oh well, no big deal, at least now I know where it is if it comes up.

  1. Keith Dancey says:


    ever since I (foolishly) installed Safari 4 (MacOS 10.4.11) every single message in GMail – no matter how short – is displayed with pages and pages of blanks between the end of the message and the “back to inbox”, “archive”, “delete” buttons etc.

    Also, these pages of blanks comprise an enormous “greyed-out” box which extends even beyond the “delete” buttons, and overprints them.

    When replying to a message in the middle of a thread, the messages immediately before and after the message I am editing, appear and disappear seemingly at random whilst I type!

    I do NOT have Google Gears installed.

    Changing the User Agent in Safari 4 does not help.

    So, for me, Safari 4 is incompatible with GMail.

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