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Scoop: 0.9.1 will be available soon

0.9.1 of Scoop has been submitted to Palm and should be available soon.

Features and Changes

  • Email, IM and SMS links to articles
  • Popup menu option to view original article
  • Folders: read articles via your Google Reader folders

  • Mark

    Like the folders, but wish for a reverse-date sort. Many of the blogs I follow are best read in chronological order. Even though the blogs, themselves, have newest posts at the top, it isn’t a problem to scroll through the relatively few posts in an individual blog. When a number of blogs are contained within a folder, scrolling to the bottom is often impractical. In some cases, the oldest posts are not even in the initial retrieval list.

    Also, I assume you are aware of some of the formatting problems with articles. Particularly those with pictures where one article bleeds into the next.

    Only other thing would be come means to cache articles for off-line reading when a data connection is not available. I’ll be in Vermont for several days next week and don’t expect to have a data connection very often, and most likely not when I will want to read.

    Just want to add that I think it’s a pretty decent reader and I’m looking forward to future improvements.

  • Christian Sepulveda


    We are trying to work on the formatting issues — there are some challenges as articles can contain arbitrary HTML. (Landscape mode helps)

    We are not sure about offline vs notifications. One offline strategy would be to update in the background, twice a day perhaps. But this is a little incongruent with notifications, which would check every 15 minutes (or some other interval). Anyway, we are still working out a plan here.

  • Jeff

    Since you’re going directly to Google (right?), is there any need to restrict offline sync to twice a day? I can understand if you’re going through your own servers, though, that you may want to restrict it.

    Every 15 minutes for a sync is clearly too often, but every 2 hours wouldn’t be unreasonable.

    Personally, I’d even be OK with “sync-on-demand” only. While having it automatically happen would be super, if I could force a sync before I go on the subway, that would work well for my needs. I realize that others may have usage patterns that would differ, though.

    NewsRoom seems to use the strategy of only offering notifications on what’s been downloaded to the local device. Not sure how often they download (they don’t do a sync with anything, so what you’re trying to do is admittedly much harder), but it looks like a couple time an hour, at least.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Alan

    I would love to see folders work such that if you are in folder view and click on a folder, you see a list of what feeds are within that folder, with an “all items” option at the top. Right now when you use folder view, it simply shows you all of the posts of all the feeds within that folder.

    I’m used to drilling down into folders to limit the amount of feeds show up on screen because of a huge number of feeds I subscribe to and limited screen real estate (not to mention less scrolling). I also have feeds within the same folders that i’d be less interested in reading than others, so to be able to prioritize my reading is pretty important.

    Right now I’m pretty much forced to use subscription view instead of folder view.

  • StormyManley

    homework help
    hopefully it would be up and running in the near future

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