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SF Standup for Monday, 4/25/2011: What gem do you use for file upload?


What are projects using for file upload? Paperclip?

Most continue to use Paperclip, though a few projects have
successfully used Carrierwave. Carrierwave apparently has better mongo support.

I tried to setup ruby and rails, and installed the latest
mysql gem and I get warning messages about the mysql gem.

Others have experienced this too and offered to help. The main answer
seemed to be “the warnings are lies, it will work.”


  • Checkout Pry. It’s an irb replacement that includes tab
    completion and cd and ls for navigating scopes.
  • I’ve been using [Dragonfly](, since it does on-the-fly encoding (which is great when you’re playing around with designs). It works great with rack-cache as well.

    It’s a little green still, but it works great with a little bit of tweaking (mainly adding file extensions to the output URL and stripping invalid character names from the source file).

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