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Standup 03/12/10


Q: How can I plot thousands of points on a Google Map without said map being undraggable?
A: It may make sense to use Google’s HeatMap API after the number of plotted points exceeds 500. Other strategies are discussed here: Handling Large Amounts of Markers in Google Maps


  • Using ReCSS with Sass.
    If you happen to be using SASS you can still make use of awesome ReCSS bookmarklets (including one by Pivotal’s own Erik Hanson) by using the compass command line tool and watching your project for changes. Totally rad!

  • Ruby Enterprise Edition
    Is awesome, if you use the garbage collection tweaks. One team installed it and saw a 50% savings in their test suite running times — over 15 minutes! Combined with parallel spec it can be a real winner. If you’re on Leopard, you may need to install the version from Oct 2009, as the latest fails with a Marshall.load error on install. 2 legit!

  • All your RubyMine problems can be fixed!
    By reverting to RubyMine 1.1.1. At least if your problems are: inconsistent functionality with the merge tool, and RubyMine occasionally refusing to recognize spec files correctly. That’s def!

  • Spring Forward this Sunday to save the daylight, and terrorize the programmers. Thanks a lot, farmers-slash-botanists. WORD Y’ALL. I’M OUT.

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