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Standup 03/24/2008


  • Steve was having problems getting rspec to run in Intelli-J Idea using some key combo including F10, it was suggested that he use Alt-F11 which runs ruby on the currently focused file.


  • Nick Kallen’s has_finder has been integrated into the rails trunk as named_scope, and will be available in the rails 2.1 release
  • Safari 3.1 implemented getElementsByClassname which breaks prototype’s version. Courtenay has suggestions for a fix
  • Voting today for this weeks brown bag should know by tomorrow
  • Brown bag on Dtrace scheduled for 04/02/2008 with guest speaker Brian Cantrill
  • Brown bag on Merb scheduled for 04/09/2008 with guest speaker Yahuda Katz
  • Daemon, Brian, Nathan S., and Cory will be onsite with the client M-Th for the next 4 weeks
  • Intelli-J Idea 7.0.3 is available. You will need to update the ruby plugin (some people had trouble installing the plugin but most have had no problems) unsure about the entire new feture set but Edward noted that YAML files have syntax highlighting.
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