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Standup 06/16/2010: Image Editor Showdown

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“Can I make RVM operate in a system-global manner? I want to use it to change the system Ruby FOREVER

The feeling was that this is the opposite of what RVM is about (trying things without commitment and side effects, and going back to the default with ‘rvm system’). If you are trying to make a particular tool use a particular version of Ruby, RVM may work for you, but if you’re trying to change your system default, you need a different tool.

Here’s someone asking about replacing mac ruby with a compiled ruby.
It seems like there’s a lot of concern out there about replacing the ruby that comes with OSX, I haven’t seen any tools that get rid of all ruby installations, and unify on a compiled version. If you know of one, I’d like to hear about it!

There is more than GIMP and Photoshop out there

It can be dangerous to suggest a tool other that Photoshop to a designer, but for a developer Photoshop is often excessive. Here are some alternatives:

  • pixelmator: $60. There’s a 30-day trial, so don’t start it until you need it. Mac only.
  • Acorn: $50. There’s a free version, so try it whenever you want! Also Mac only.
  • There are also webapps that do image editing. Check out Aviary Phoenix and MugTug Darkroom and Sketchpad
  • Photoshop Elements is cheap ($89) and does most of what the full Photoshop does, while maintaining compatibility with the “real thing” and its users.

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