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Standup 06/26/2007

Interesting Things

  • RSpec global before/after: In addition to Behaviour-scoped before and after method forms, Rspec also has global prepend_before, prepend_after, append_before, append_after methods.

  • RSpec Custom Expectation Matchers: Remember that you can write your own Custom Expectation Matchers to make your specs as expressive as desired. For example: foo.should contain_text.

  • Self-Signed SSL Cert Gotcha: Firefox and IE hate it when your Certificate Authority and Server Certificate have the same Common Name.

  • RailMail: RailMail “gives you a persisted view of any mail your application has sent… With railmail there is no need to set up testing email accounts while developing your application; just send out mail to any address and Railmail will capture it.” Nice…

  • validates_presence_of in ActiveRecord calls blank?. This means you can use it check for dependent objects if you define blank?.

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