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Standup 1/21/2011: Rubymine helpful hint of the day

Ask for Help

“What do you recommend for Devise user invitations?”

Interesting Things

  • Did you know that Rubymine can search files found with a previous search? Do cmd-shift-f and do a search. Do cmd-shift-f again. In the dialog, select ‘custom’. In the drop down list is ‘Files in Previous Search Result’
  • Former Pivot Alex Chaffee is teaching a javascript class, and there are still a few openings.
  • Regarding Devise and invitations, [devise_invitable]( is kinda nice and extensible.

  • I like to roll my own invitation stuff. For example:

  • Josh Susser

    Frank, I found devise_invitable to be problematic. It saves invalid user records to track invitations, so if you want to manage users you have to filter out the users that don’t actually exist yet. I also don’t like keeping the invitation guid etc in the user record, since it is useless after the user has been created. I prefer keeping invitations in their own table and creating users when the invitation is accepted.

    Almost done with a self-rolled implementation. As Trevor showed, it’s not a lot of code.

  • Lee Edwards

    Agreed with problems in devise_invitable. It might be worthwhile to Open Source an alternative to devise_invitable that doesn’t save invalid records to the database.

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