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Standup – 1/31/2008


  • Has anybody successfully used the drag-and-drop functionality included in the newer versions of Selenium? It doesn’t appear to work – the mouse events never seem to get fired.


  • If you’re messing with the solr.war inside of the solr_runner plugin, beware that the webapps directory (in which it sits) is scanned by Jetty for .war files, and that when your use ‘rake solr_runner:start’, you might not be running off the .war file you think you are. When we started SOLR this way, we saw some output from Jetty that indicated that it was unpacking and using the wrong .war file from that directory (in our case, it apparently used!).

    The moral of the story is, if you want to swap in a new version of solr.war, just move it on top of the existing one, and don’t put any other files in there.

  1. Hualing says:

    I have not tried the drag drop function. I should though. It should be quite useful. It may make things a lot easier.

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