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Standup 1/9/2012


CCMenu + Hudson w/o Basic Auth

“Has anyone figured out how to use CCMenu with Hudson and not have Basic Auth?”

Hudson has its own authorization mechanism, unlike Basic Auth, so it can’t be used with nice desktop tools like CCMenu which shows the red/green square in your system tray.

Consider using Jenkins.

Using Symlinks with Dropbox

Using the Linux Dropbox client seems to allow symlinks to be uploaded, but they will not behave as expect anywhere else. Someone was trying to have a “latest” folder point to the latest versioned folder.

The recommendation was just to have two copies of the files as a workaround.


Rails Bridge Outreach for Women Workshop has space

Looking to learn Rails? There’s a great meetup to get you up and running. As of this writing there is still space available. Come check the event out.

Yammer Javascript Meetup on Tuesday

Yammer will be hosting a Javascript meetup, expect the usual snacks and beer, and good talks about our favorite client-side language.

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