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Standup 11/11/2011: Some funkinesses


  • rspec stub != stub!. stub! is an alias method for stub. There is however also a method stub that is an alias for double. If you try to stub a method on the test class (to stub it on the context), you should probably use the magic subject/helper/controller methods. If you don’t, using self.stub(:name => 'result') will create a double, while self.stub!(:name => 'result') will stub the method as you would expect.

  • Asynchronous file creation and downloading: if an asynchronous process writes a file using and f.write, an other process checking the presence of the file to determine whether it is already available for download, will deliver the empty file, if the file has been opened, but not yet written.

    • Workarounds:
      • if you have one write to the file only: check filesize.
      • update an ActiveRecord attribute after the file writing is completed and check against that.
  • == on DelegateClass: newing up an instance delegate_x of DelegateClass from object x, x == delegate_x, while of course x.class != delegate_x.class.

Keystroke of the day

  • Rubymine KOTD: The search+replace mode you reach via Cmd+r allows you to see recent searches by hitting the down arrow. If that doesn’t work for you in Lion, hit Ctrl+h.
  • RE asynchronous file creation: alternatively create the file in a temporary directory and `mv` it into its intended location as `mv` is an atomic operation.

  • Agree with mv (within the same filesystem, and I’m not sure about NFS) or a database flag as a way of handling the atomic file update. Waiting for the file size to change from zero to nonzero (if that is what was being suggested) doesn’t work, I don’t think, although it might be a bit tricky to reproduce the race for sure (and it might depend on things like which OS).

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