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Standup 11/13/2009: IP Geolocation, Firebug bugs, Optional params to a lambda, Rubymine 2.0 RC2, Startup Crawl


Anyone have any IP Geolocation software recommendations?

Firebug binds up and forces me to restart Firefox when modifying CSS.

  • Try Safari or Webkit. You can add css styles to a class on an element by editing an existing element, finishing the current style with a semi-colon, and declaring a new style.


  • Optional params to a lambda: declare the lambda with *args and get warning free lambda to which you can pass no arguments.
class MyClass
  named_scope :in_progress, lambda { |*args| param = (args.empty? ? true : args.first); {:conditions => {:in_progress => param} }}
  #MyClass.in_progress           # < return all in progress records
  #MyClass.in_progress(false) # < return all non-in-progress records
  #MyClass.in_progress(true)  # < return all in-progress records
  • Rubymine 2.0 RC2 is out. Release notes include better performance and reduced memory usage.

  • Pivotal Labs will be a stop on the Startup Crawl during Rubyconf.

  1. I find the Firefox Web Developer add-on ( to be the easiest way to play with CSS.

  2. Matthew Todd says:

    There’s a nice gem for accessing MaxMind’s data files:

    * [](

  3. Highly recommend MaxMind + GeoIP. Simple + Fast, no network connectivity dependency.

  4. rapid4me says:

    Duncan Beevers , thanks for your tip! It was the most helpful!

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