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Standup 11/17/2011 – Cloudy Cloud


Travis CI: Javascript Testing in the Cloud

Jasmine gem test suites are now being run on Travis CI which is an open, distributed build system for the open source community.

Check out Travis CI.

Fix Git Author

As Pivots move to different machines frequently when we pair switch, its often a problem that we forget to switch the author when we commit to Git. Here’s how you can fix the author of a commit (before you’ve pushed to remote).

  1. change your git author
  2. git commit –amend –reset-author -C HEAD

This changes the author of commit to whomever is configured in the git config, and uses the same message you previously used (the -C HEAD part).

TDDium Cloud Test Runner

TDDium is an easy-to-use, secure, hosted testing environment that takes the tedium out of building high quality Ruby web applications using Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration.

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