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Standup 11/19/2008: Team Strength, Fixtures, and Pivot Pong

Interesting Things

  • Pivotal Tracker tip: as the Holiday Season approaches, you can edit your Team Strength to account for vacationing team members. For example, if you are missing 1 out of a team of 4 next week, set next week’s Team Strength to 75%

    Pivotal Tracker team strength

  • Rescuing inside a transaction: ActiveRecord relies on catching a Rollback error in order to perform transaction rollbacks. If you are performing a begin..rescue block within a transaction, make sure you either (a) specify the Exception or Errors you want to catch, or (b) re-raise the Rollback error if caught.

  • Bring it! The Pivot Pong Tournament of Champions is on! Games will be played on the Pivotal breakfast tables/ping pong table.

    Pivot Pong table

Ask for Help

“What is the life-cycle of test fixtures when using transactional fixtures?”

  1. The testing framework clears the database of all data within tables that have fixtures files defined.
  2. A test/spec file is loaded and all fixtures declared within it (or all if fixtures :all is declared) are loaded into the database.
  3. A transaction is started.
  4. The test/spec runs.
  5. The transaction is rolled-back.
  6. Repeat!
  1. Abhi says:

    Re: Rescuing inside a transaction

    Option (c) might be to move the rescue outside the transaction if it doesn’t need to be in there. This is what we ended up doing.

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