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Standup 11/5/2008

Interesting Things

  • RubyMine – JetBrains has a preview of their new Rails IDE, RubyMine. Presumably, it’s the same as IntelliJ without support for other languages and the Rails Plugin baked in. Feedback from Pivots thus far is that it’s definitely an early Alpha with lots of bugs and slow to load projects. It’s rumored to cost somewhat in the range of Textmate.

  • Solr text field stemming problem – When creating an index on a text field in solr, it can be set to stem fields (e.g., running => run, runs => run, etc.) to increase relevancy. Thus, when a query is performed for “run”, hits with “running”, “runs”, etc. will be found. However, if the query contains “running*” or “running~”, the results do not take into consideration any of the stemmed versions. The recommended solution is to stem the query on the client-side, thus “run*” or “run~”.

Ask for Help

“Rails 2.2 – has anyone heard any news? “

Some comments from Pivots:

  • An RC candidate is out but may or may not work with Polonium.
  • The new join syntax is cool, shallow routes are neat, internationalization is included.
  • Core bundle seems to work
  • Desert has problems due to class-loading changes.
  • The country selector has been pulled out to a plugin, apparently for political reasons.

More info can be found here.

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