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Standup 12/10/2009


  • Fast/Simple share widget plugins?
    A project was in need of a turn-key plugin to provide Digg/Twitter/Facebook links. The two suggestions were the ever-popular “roll-your-own”, and pivotal’s own bookmark_fu. The latter of which, if you glance downwards and towards the right, you’ll see in use on this very blog! (Unless, of course, you’re using Google Reader and robbing us of our ad revenue riches).


  • SpecRails Superclass Shenanigans

A Pivot found that when spec_rails is loaded, the superclass of spec suites changes to ActiveSupport::TestCase, instead of ExampleGroup (which, in this case, had a number of useful and necessary methods added to it). [1]

This carefully named plugin provides really nice sql-console-style formatting for ActiveRecord queries made from the irb console. I’m going to install it right away so I can pretend I still remember how to write MySQL queries by hand!

[1] I was working on a brilliant analogy that referenced Dick Dastardly and Muttley here, but I totally failed. Still, Wacky Races was totally rad, right? Radder than sneakily replacing superclasses, anyhow.

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