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Standup 12/14/2009: The mechanics of helping your visitors tweet

Interesting Things

  • Tweet this has some peculiarities which took some Pivots a while to figure out. The URL you want is – Using www causes a redirect, and leaving off home appears to work, but will lose the message if the user is not currently logged in to twitter and has to go through the log in dialog.

  • A pivot asks if anyone uses the “tweet/share/digg/blog/sharethis/email/overshare” links. Two pivots do, one thinks they’re “rarely used but requisite” and one has added them to a project recently and promises to report back in a few weeks with some log data.

Ask for Help

“Does anyone use Delayed Job with more than one worker process?”

One project is trying to use four workers, and can’t find a way to monitor their individual status. The current solution is to spin them all down and then up, which not optimal. One suggestion is to wrap the entire thing in a rescue block, though this is probably not optimal.

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