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Standup 12/15/09 – Rubymine, Chef, Passenger and more

Ask for Help

“How do I get Rubymine to run Selenium tests?”

“sh: java command not found” – Tried setting environment variables in bash.rc. Rubymine doesn’t use bash so it doesn’t get the bash environment. You can set the variables in launchd.conf (be careful of the syntax), start Rubymine from the shell, or set the path in Rubymine.

It was brought up that Chef could be used to maintain these changes, and make it easy to spin up new developer workstations. It’s agreed that it would be better than shell scripts, but unclear if it would be worth the effort.

Interesting Things

  • EngineYard, Chef, keep.appname.conf – appending keep will prevent chef from overwriting the file.
  • BufferedLogger flushes every 1,000 lines – It’s buffered, after all. However, rails uses BufferedLogger by default in production, so when you switch to troubleshooting a a production issue, be aware. “Just poke it 1k times” was offered as a solution, but setting sync equal to true is probably easier.
  • Phusion Passenger/Facebooker/Threads Locals – All requests in passenger run in the same thread, which means the thread locals are shared. Facebooker is storing the facebook session in thread locals, which causes bad things to happen. This was difficult to debug as the team wasn’t using passenger in development.
  • Steve Conover

    “It’s agreed that it would be better than shell scripts, but unclear if it would be worth the effort.”

    There’s very little to be done: a new github project, with the first chef’d rubymine config change committed. Prep and testing would be an hour of work max.

    The question is whether this is a good, sustainable practice, and how the workstation image fits into the mix. That’s something ops ought to weigh in on.

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