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Standup 12/17/2008 Asset Host & Retardation Inhibitor

Ask for Help

“How can asset_host and retardation_inhibitor could work together nicely?”


Tells your Rails application to generate external resources’ links pointing to the host of your choosing.

The general opinion was that any sophistication should be handled by asset_host configurations in the appropriate rails environment files.

This lead to the sticky problem of our CI process running the Selenium tests in the development environment rather than the test environment. The asset_host using the development environment configuration rather than the test environment.

Everyone agreed that this wasn’t the best way to run the selenium tests.

A desperate request to rename the Pivotal project “retardation_inhibitor” met with no resistance, much to the delight of the Pivot responsible for explaining it’s usefulness.

“New Relic & Desert?”

Ruby & Rails can sometimes appear to be moving so quickly that not advancing feels like standing still. A project found problems with the latest versions of New Relic and Desert.

Every page request resulted in a stack trace in the log.

The general consensus was that the latest version of New Relic would solve this problem. Of course the team had already tried this along with several other versions.

Some Pivots in New York had apparently encountered and solved similar problems. Hopefully they can help out.

Another Pivotal project had similar problems and had to upgrade to 2.7.3. They used these update steps.

They originally tried to just install the latest without following the steps outlined in the link above and still had problems.

Interesting Things

Look out for a public Pivotal Pulse announcement soon.

  • Joseph Palermo

    The NewRelic problem was solved by putting this before rails in environment.rb:

    module NewRelic; end

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