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Standup 12/18/2008 Engine Yard deploy.rb request

Ask for Help

A new project would like to find a useful deploy.rb for Engine Yard. Preferably using git. There were a few suggestions from other projects to view theirs.

Interesting Things


Do not create records in a


The transactional wrapper around the tests don’t apply to the before(:all).

  • If your project is using Engine Yard, then EY will give you the deploy.rb to start with, plus their cap extensions (which have all sorts of nice tasks built in for things like restarting memcached, sphinx, mongrels, etc.; cloning your production DB to staging or your local dev DB, etc.). I haven’t had to add very much to our deploy.rb at all. Mostly what I’ve added are things like use of cap_gun to notify people of the deploy, some after hooks (restart memcached, using the EY task; regenerate our sitemap.xml, etc.). We use git/GitHub, so it all pulls from there, and our deploy requires deploying a tagged release. Email me if you want a copy.

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