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Standup 12/22/08


  • Helper tests failing after Rails 2.2 upgrade.

A project was upgraded to run on Rails 2.2 and now has a handful of hate for helper tests. The tests in question use a stub Controller to generate a template and end up getting some nil variables. cache_classes is off. Suggestions welcome.

Interesting Things

  • Pivotal Tracker Team Strength Reminder

If team members are out sick or on vacation, you can adjust your team strength settings by clicking on the blue icon at the end of the current iterations release marker. This will recalculate your current iteration velocity accordingly.

  • ‘flash’ Partials

It is bad form to name your partials ‘flash’, because they attempt to populate a flash variable which has the nasty side effect of blowing away your notification array. Naming a partial ‘phlash’ produces no adverse effects outside of looking a little silly. ‘shazzam’ and ‘booyakkasha’ are also acceptable although somewhat less descriptive.

  • Capistrano and Git

A default deploy with capistrano and git appears to prefer using the local working set instead of the configured repo (in this case, github). This may end up surprising you a great deal if you do a deploy from a machine that isn’t an exact copy of HEAD. It was suggested that best practice is to deploy tags from a dedicated CI box rather than a development workstation.

  • Ruby On Rails Noteworthy Applications has a new design, and with it came a page of noteworthy apps running RoR. Are you a Pivotal client who’d like to see your site up there? Get in touch!

  1. Joseph Palermo says:

    With regard to the helper tests failing on 2.2:

    So we’re using Test::Unit, so we don’t really have helper tests, we’re rendering a fake action on a fake controller, then getting the template out of the response and calling helper methods on it.

    It seems that there is a @template instance variable that is available during rendering, gets unset before we get ahold of the template.

    I think this has always been the case, but a change in the prototype_helper is now trying to call a method on @template in 2.2 and is blowing up.

    Our solution was to instance_variable_set the @template variable on the template object after we get it.

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