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Standup 12/7/2009

Interesting Things

  • Pivotal Core Bundle – Deprecations deprecated!

Two Pivots heroically removed some deprecated extensions and rake tasks from the Pivotal Core Bundle. Do not be surprised if your favorite code jams (like cancel_default_validates_associated class method) disappear next time you pull.

  • Move files fast!
    Some lucky pivot discovered that mv file.tgz * will move all files in the current path into the last file or directory it can find.

If for some reason you do not want this to happen, it is recommended that you always specify a destination when moving files.

To help you remember this protip, here’s a totally worthless analogy that involves automobiles: would you get into a cab without telling the driver where you wanted to go?

No, you would not, because he would take you to IHOP, and you hate pancakes. You wanted to go to Waffle House, which is unfortunate, because the nearest Waffle House is in Nevada.

  • Same with

    cp some_file.txt *

    Dangerous. The ‘-i’ switch, “prompt before overwrite”, could protect:

    alias mv=’mv -i’
    alias cp=’cp -i’

    (Place in bashrc or similar)


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