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Standup – 2/12/09 – ActiveScaffold and the RubyMine good/bad

Ask for Help

“Need help overriding some of ActiveScaffold’s css properties.”

The general census around the room is that ActiveScaffold has been painful and we should think about replacing it with normal “scaffolding” functionality. Short of that, if anyone has experience with ActiveScaffold, please step forward.

Interesting Things

  • On a clean project, setting up RubyMine 681 (possibly 535 as well?) with RSpec 1.12 only worked when RSpec was installed in the vendor/plugins directory. Others have had luck with RSpec installed only as a gem.

  • RubyMine 681 file renaming is broken.

  • Two cool new features in RubyMine 681 are the Gem Manager and Extract Method Refactoring.

  • Running gem env from a terminal on Mac OS X often has two GEM PATHS: a sudo’ed one and a non-sudo’ed one. It’s helpful to delete the non-sudo’ed one and only install gems using sudo (or geminstaller -s).

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