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Standup 3/13/2009


What is better for optimizing the load time of pages on the iPhone: minifying or packing your javascript?

  • id opt for using YUI minifier, as long as much of the JS is private, thats almost as small as packing…
    (e.g. through *advertisement* reduce

  • Davis W. Frank

    Did I miss this at Standup on Thursday? I wasn’t at Friday standup.

    The killer on cell networks is latency of connection more than the size of what you’re downloading.

    Some things to try:
    * pack & gzip all your CSS into one file
    * pack & gzip all your internal JS into one file (minifying is likely useless)
    * reference any external JS libraries via the Google cached versions – there are chances an iPhone already has them cached locally
    * reduce the number of unique (i.e., low chance of cacability) of images on your pages

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