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Standup 7/20/2010: The Daily Rubymine

Interesting Things

  • RubyMine 2.0.2, refactor => extract partial == FAIL. If you select multiple divs and perform
    extract partial, the selected region is removed, but only the first complete div is included in
    the new partial.

  • Rspec/Rubymine focused tests. Rubymine attempts to run focused tests using the
    --example 'text' option. Rspec apparently finds the example group, and runs the examples that are
    directly a part of that example group, but does not include descendent example groups — *which can
    lead you to think examples are passing that were not actually run*. Apparently this is
    fixed in rspec 2.

Ask for Help

“Display of time is off by an hour, presumably due to Daylight Saving Time”

The team is displaying time stored as utc in the database, using strftime, and the time is off by an hour.

“Binding Click to Checkbox with Jquery”

A team was trying to check the value of a checkbox during the click event, but getting the opposite
value. They worked through it but was hoping to find a better solution.

“Why is there a new default for include_root_in_json for rails 3?”

Just curious.

Fakeweb, Capybara w/Selenium Webdriver == end of file?”

Getting “end of file” failure on CI. There were a few suggestions:

  • There is a fork of fakeweb that allows it to ignore localhost.
  • Consider using Webmock instead of fakeweb.
  • I’m not sure what your problem was with the checkbox.


    works fine for me. Am I misunderstanding the problem?

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