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Standup 8/11/2011: Whole lotta Rails

Ask for Help

“What do you tell Rails the default timezone is if your database has no concept like that?”

The best solution was to convert all rows in your DB to UTC and set Rails to also use UTC. There are MySQL commands to convert whole databases over to UTC, and can be run overnight if necessary.

Interesting Things

There is a new release of Fixture Builder!

  • Supports Rails 2 and 3
  • Supports using existing Rails style fixture files using config.legacy_fixture = Dir[path_to_old_fixtures] in your fixture_builder.rb file
  • Its better tested too!
  • Go grab it at

Rails 3 Helpers

Rails now includes all helpers across your project in controllers that extends ApplicationController. Apparently there isn’t a setting to override this behavior either, and this is a change from Rails 2 where the scaffold would just include a line at the top of your controller like helpers :all which could easily be deleted.

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