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Standup 8/2/2011

Ask for Help

Ian is looking for people will experience using the “Koloa Gem”.
JT recommended to use the standard facebook widgets instead.

In SQL, how do you make a query the opposite of:

where(:name => nil) without using a magic SQL string.

Interesting Things

In SQL null is neither true or false. Be careful for searching for something when a column can have 3 states: true, false and nil. Because falsey comparisons will not work as expected. (RVA, NM)



  • raoul duke

    where(‘name IS NOT NULL’)

    requires you to break into stringy-SQL instead of using pure Ruby Hashes.

    I think you mean the Koala gem. Which is great, btw.

  • Or use not-so-readable ruby:


  • We’re using Koala for all Facebook interactions at NeedFeed. Works great. Feel free to email me with questions.

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