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Standup 9/1/2010 – Rspec2 + RubyMine and Testing for Class methods


Testing for class methods in Ruby

How do you test for the existence of a class method? Test it using #respond_to?

class Foo
        puts "Hello, World!"

 => true

And to make sure we are really just talking about class methods and not instance methods:

foo =

 => false


RubyMine and Rspec2 Bug Fixed!

We use the latest and greatest RubyMine version available at Pivotal, but sometimes technology choices such as Rails 3 and Rspec 2 are still ahead of it. The formatter that analyzes test output breaks on Rspec 2’s output before any tests run. The bug is further discussed Luckily this bug will be fixed in the next EAP release.

Excuting .rvmrc commands and cruisecontrol

We’ve had a difficult time getting .rvmrc files to work with cruisecontrol.rb builds. Specifically, ccrb seems to launch the rake task in the project working directory. This means that the .rvmrc file is ignored. A workaround is to have your CI script directly use RVM or to add “cd .. && cd work” before your project cruise script or rake task.

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