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[Standup][Boulder] 08/20/12: MailCatcher in the Rye


  • Rails runs very slowly on a brand new MacbookPro, something like 5 seconds to load the welcome to rails page. This happens when using Thin and WeBrick.



  • jQuery $.each acts like Ruby’s Object#tap.

  • Rails model.has_many_association.pluck will not scope to the model, it will just return the result of a SQL query for the attribute of the association’s model. It will also not use any in memory objects are in the association but not in the database. So, be weary and use map.

  • MailCatcher is a gem that will catch all email sent from your app so you don’t have to remember and create a bunch of unique emails. It also makes email debugging a snap.

  • jQuery pseudo selector :input will select all elements that can take a value. Useful for grabbing inputs and clearing forms.

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